A big alert for the true believers..

A big alert for the true believers and our future with The Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence negative use will be the tools of Antichrist – Aldajjal.
( however Positive use of technology is good. ) Since the divine message was delivered by the creator of the universe and whatever into it and then since the creation of mankind, God – Allah started sending divine messages through angles to prophets & messengers. Mankind started their gatherings to perform worship on sabet, Sunday and Fridays and rituals during their spiritual journeys to mount temple , Al Aqsa to Alkabaa.
Since the invention of TV we started viewing all such ceremonies of worship and other spiritual rituals and visits of holy sights while sitting in our homes. But now with the arrival of the Metaverse. We will be able to have virtual worships and performance of rituals and Holy visits as a replica of hajj, umrah and ziraat. Congregational prayers like daily prayers, Traweeh , Jumah and Eid and all rituals and Ramadan from any where with Metaverse technology. This will affect all faiths. The coming times will be very deceptive. Most Young tech hooked population will accept it as normal and will follow it. All other traditional believers will be ridiculed as ignorants. Our beloved prophet Mohammad صَل الله عليه و سلم warned us from anti Christ – deceiver. الدجال. and his deceptive tricks.

It will look normal and acceptable by many Muslim to celebrate their Ramadan from anywhere in the world and pray through Metaverse mosques. The mass gatherings will be taking place in digital replicas, without physically going to holy places. Many Muslims with tech knowledge and most Youngsters will become a kind of digital population and they will justify the use of Metaverse tech for performance of replica prayers , hajj , umrah and other spiritual rituals. Exactly as promotion of same sex marriages under the flag of pride march. An open sign for inviting God,s punishment as happened with the nation of Lut. With deep concentration and knowledge of end time, it seems we are very very close to the sudden emergence of the greatest deceiver – anti christ – الدجال about whom divine prophets had warned their followers. Prophet Moses Prophet Jesus and Prophet Mohammad ( may blessing and peace be upon them) So it is important for every believer to be alert and aware of the coming of a biggest deception and tribulation. فتنة الدجال. -greatest deceiver of all times will falsely claim to be Holy Christ. Be aware that the true and real Holy Christ is Holy Jesus son of holy Marry. سيدنا عيسى ابن مريم and no one else. According to Islamic eschatology Imam Mehdi a Muslim holy leader from the direct line of the descendants of prophet Mohammad صل الله عليه و سلم will appear before anti christ to save Muslims and stand to fight against Amardagon and defeat the evil forces with the support of Allah. Upon the descent of Holy Jesus Christ, Imam Mehdi will welcome Holy Jesus Christ and both will fight and end the greatest tribulation and deception of anti christ – the deceiver الدجال. Then the real blessed time will start on earth with peace and prosperity. With the divine support Holy Jesus Christ will establish the kingdom of God on earth. (By Dr Mansour Malik Scholar of Islamic Eschatology ) { Note. This is just a short pre reminder to every one to be careful. }. Artificial intelligence and Metavers negative use will be tool of anti christ. الدجال ( however AI and other technology is good for positive use )

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