Coming of Holy Jesus (PBUH)

Re coming of Holy Jesus Christ son of holy Marry to Establish the holy Kingdom with Divine decree of God.Allah الله سبحانه تعالى Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry with Divine help of God will finish the anti christ and end all evil forces and supporters of the anti christ. Peace, love , unity , Justice and prosperity will be in the Kingdom of God on earth and Holy Jesus Christ will be governing under the Divine Decree of God -Allah Master Creator and owner of entire universe, mankind and every thing into it. 

We are Passing through a difficult time as the evil forces of the Antichrist are mostly in control of most affairs. But a great good big news is coming as great relief for Mankind – Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry is coming soon. 

Appearing of Red rose like image on the sky of Bursa on 19 January 2023 has a great significance and indication for unexpected things and situations happening. May Allah protect us from all evils in the current times and bless us with a special wisdom and prudence to deal with any coming tribulations and keep us on straight path Ameen. Now I would like to explain my sincere understanding about the incident of an appearance of the natural red rose like scene on the sky in the city of Bursa in Turkiye on 19 January 2023. It remained on the sky for an hour. General view is that it has happened because of change of wind on the sky. It is just a red cloud. Another view is, it happens when a star dies. But no one had witnessed such a scene before in Bursa ever. It is not as simple as stated in the above two views. In my sincere view such an extraordinary natural incident indicates some things very important coming to happen in the coming days. For example before rain clouds and thunders start appearing. we have been witnessing and facing many un expected things in the past 3 years. And our current global situation is very alarming in many respects. Dominant World political powers are in crisis our financial system is collapsing and we do not know what is coming next. Family lives and social lives are becoming artificial. Reality , Moral and Ethical values are disappearing. Religion and divine teachings of all faiths are becoming irrelevant. Abrahamic faith is not taken serious any more. Tech science and Artificial intelligence are about to totally dominate where humans will be considered as an irrelevant burden. Way of life is changing on daily basis. We all feel and fear that any time any evil incident can happen to destroy current system. Our dominant powers looked humble during Covid crisis. It looks current world order is going to be replaced by a new world order. New financial and monetary system is emerging. In such a global situation appearance of an unusual red rose like object or incident in the skies of Bursa Turkiye is an indicative of big natural changes . Many foretold signs about the end time are happening. All religions and faiths including old faiths of Hindus, and Jewish, and Christians and Muslims have mentioned and predicted about the tribulations and appearance of the End time. All of them are waiting for a Messiah. Among Major Abrahamic faiths, Christians and Muslims believe in Re Coming of Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry as a Messiah. These faiths do talk about the signs of end time , like plague, earthquakes, floods, wars, hatred and divisions killings and sudden deaths and uncertainty etc. The fall of Muslim Ottoman,s Khilafah after 600 years of rule over 3 continents caused divisions among Muslims and colonial powers took control over them. Ottoman rule emerged from the city of Bursa and it was their capital until the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mohammad Fatih who made it capital of Ottoman Empire – Khilafah. He converted Aya Sofia to Mosque after paying money to Christians. He made it a trust and made it as a mosques. Since the fall and abolition of ottoman rule about a 100 years ago. Turkiye was made a secular republic. Aya Sofia was a closed down as a mosque. Although Sultan Faitih paid to Christians for Aya Sofia and opened it as mosque under a proper trust. After the end of ottoman rule Aya Sofia was closed as a mosque by the new Turkish leader. Interestingly, it was reopened a year ago by the current Gov following a court order. It is seen an important incident by the eschatology some Muslim scholars. It is stated Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry along with a Muslim leader Imam Mahdi will visit and pray in Aya Sofia. Now sudden appearance of a natural incident in the skies of Bursa the starting capital of ottomans indicates about Re coming of Holy Jesus Christ son of Holy Marry to restore and establish Kingdom of God. In Muslim eschatology a belief about appearance of a spiritual leader known as Imam Mahdi from prophet Mohammad,s family line. Imam Mahdi will appear to lead Muslims and pave the way for Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry Messiah and assist him to fight with the antiChrist and end the Antichrist him and his rule. to establish the God,s Kingdom on earth or Khalafa. Which will bring justice , peace , love and prosperity and best time on earth. All believers in one God Allah will be saved and United as one nation of believers in Kingdom of God. Holy Jesus Christ son of Holy Marry will be the King until the final end of this world. The appearance of natural rose like scene clearly stated in Quran Verse 37- Surah Rahman – when a split comes from sky looks like a red rosy scene. In my view it’ indicates the pleasant time. Which may relates to the descent of Holy Jesus Christ son of holy Marry to end the Antichrist – Aldajjal- false Messiah. The true Messiah holy Jesus son of holy Marry will create a scene of pleasant red rose like. And it’s appearance in Bursa indicates the return of Holy figures in Bursa – Istanbul and Aya Sofia in unity. Turkish people will be the great supporters and followers of Holy Jesus and Imam Mahdi in ending Antichrist and in establishing of blessed Kingdom of God under the Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry. God knows the best. :- ( Mansour Malik a sincere & humble disciple of Holy Jesus and Imam Mahdi peace and blessings upon them. ) 20 January 2023.

Grand mosque in Damascus where at white minaret Holy Jesus Christ Son of Holy Marry will descend from heavens by the decree of God -Allah with the help of Angles.
According to Holy Prophet Mohammad صَل الله عليه و سلم.
God knows the best. It looks time of Holy Jesus Christ is very close.

Mausoleum of holy Prophet Yahya – John the Baptist in the grand mosque in Damascus. According to Islamic eschatology Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry will descend at the white minaret – Minaret of the grand mosque in Damascus.