Holy Imam Mahdi awaited

Muslim Imam to appear before Holy Jesus to welcome and receive him upon his descent from  heavens to end Antichrist rule and establish Kingdom of God. This will unite Muslims Christians and all believers of one God and live in love peace and prosperity. Best time of Earth.

According to Islamic eschatology most Muslim scholars believe about the appearance of Imam Mahdi عليه السلام a spiritual figure from Prophet Mohammad صل الله عليه و سلم direct family. Both Sunni and Shia believe about the appearance of Imam Mahdi at a time when Muslims will be divided and weak , facing difficult situations and in disagreements among them. Sunni and Shia differ in details but on main point about his name linage both agree. Imam Mahdi will appear and restore the true Islam and unite Muslims. Imam Mahdi will be under Divine protection and guidance. He will pave the way for Holy Jesus Christ son of Marry. During the time of Imam Mahdi anti Christ – aldajjal. الدجال will come out and will control the world with the support of all evil forces. Then suddenly Holy Jesus Christ son of holy Marry will descend from heavens at the white Minaret of Grand Ummayed Mosque with God,s Divine power and help. Imam Mahdi will receive him among great number of Muslims. Both will pray together and then confront with the Anti Christe – false claimant – Dajjal. Holy Jesus Christ and Imam Mahdi along with many believers with them will follow anti christ up to a place called Ludd and Holy Jesus Christ son of Holy Marry will one strike will end the false claimant antichrist and his evil supporters. Both Holy Jesus Christ and Imam Mahdi will guide all believers and unite them and establish the kingdom of God on earth. Justice prosperity and peace will return. According to Sunni sources Imam Mahdi will remain with Holy Jesus Christ for seven years and then will leave the world for the next under divine will.